What is vinyl?

What exactly is vinyl?

Well for those of you not yet initiated in the world of things sticky, it's basically a super thin sheet of plastic with a sticky back.

And it's brilliant!

It comes in rolls of bright colours on a non-sticky silicon backing usually 610mm or 1220mm wide. And then a plotter - a bit like a printer but with a blade in (not a laser!) - is used to cut shapes and letters in to it. Then carefully by hand, you pull or  'weed' away any unwanted background colour, leaving the bits you do want on the backing.

But 'how are you going to stick it up?' you're going to ask!

Well, you then cover the shapes or letters with a another less sticky paper to hold everything together. Peel it off the backing. And before you can say 'Bob's your Uncle' you stick it up!

There are thousands of colours to choose from. Gloss, matt, metallic, transparent, transluscent, fluorescents.... The list goes on and on. In fact we could talk about it for hours. Which is probably why we don't have any friends apart from sticky ones.

So, just to make sure you have been listening. Thin, plastic, sticky. Easy!

Get involved

The Sticky Crowd competition winners have been revealed! You can see the 3 winners on the homepage.

1st Prize: Sticky octopus

2nd Prize: Sticky chewing gum

3rd Prize: Sticky sword monster

Congratulations to all our entrants, the standard was overwhelming!

Until the next competition… lots of love and gummy kisses, the Sticky Crowd x

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